These 2 Words can change your life


Happy Weekend Friends!

Have You ever found yourself saying… I should eat healthy,i should meet more people, i should save money, i should be successful, i should be more organised, i should travel, i should this and i should that… This is called the trap of I SHOULD. When you fall in this trap you can’t go much ahead in life. Sounds scary? Relax, I must admit i am guilty of this too.. I too find myself In the trap of I shoulds which keeps me stuck,lazy and tends to procrastination. So i have discovered that these two powerful words can set anyone free from this trap. It helps you get more things done, be more efficient, accomplish more in life, be proud of yourself and fall in love with yourself all over again.

Now aren’t you curious to know what’s this all about? Hit the link below and watch the video where i talk about The two powerful words that can change your life.

These 2 Words can Change your life

7 Days of Giving + Free Coaching


Happy Sunday!!

Hope you are having a great weekend. This week i wanted to practice something that i have never done before. Dedicate a whole week to “the art of Giving”. There is so much power in the act of giving. It can change your life radically when you give freely, when you give fearlessly and with a feeling of abundance. I am doing a 7 day of “giving” and i would like you to join me. In these 7 days let’s focus on giving…Giving what? Whatever you got….from a pencil, a flower, giving smiles, hugs, food, an apology or forgiveness. You decide.Whatever you feel like giving away…big or small as long as you are giving. Any simple act of giving opens up your heart to receive… More on this in the video here. Click to watch the whole video here.
7 Days of Giving + Free Coaching

As an act of my Giving practice, I am giving away Free skype coaching on a first come first basis. You can discuss anything with me. Write to me over for booking a coaching session.

Hope you enjoy this act of Giving video .
7 Days of Giving + Free Coaching



Hey there!
So it’s my first blog of 2018…. to be accurate my first blog after a reallllly long time. No No.. i didn’t quit coaching as some of you had assumed. i got distracted and busy pursuing my other passions. More on that later. I am super excited to comeback to you with an ammmmaaaazzinnng topic… HOW TO BE A SUPER MANIFESTOR.
I consider myself to be a super manifestor…why…because i believe I AM. I have been an avid, committed and a dedicated student of the law of attraction and with practice and time, i have enriched my expertise on the subject. I have become really good at manifesting… Well yeah.. sometimes it just doesn’t happen at my time…but it always happens at the right time :)

If you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or may be you are a super manifestor yourself ….then you will just love what i have to share. In today’s vlog i share with you an easy yet POWERFUL exercise to raise your vibrations and make you a magnet of all things that you love… Isn’t that lovely? Are you excited..and want to know more about this exercise…
Then click here and watch the full video here and let me know what you think.


Decoding ” Extraordinary” – My talk in TEDX NMIMS


Hi friends. So on August 6th, 2016, i had the privilege of giving my first TEDX talk for NMIMS. It was a surreal experience for me. I was dreaming about being a TEDX speaker ever since i decided to be a motivational speaker. The dream turned into reality sooner than expected. It gives me chills to see myself in this prestigious platform . I had to almost pinch myself. I share here my story like an open book. I talk about my journey of transforming from a flight attendant to a TEDX speaker. My intention is to inspire all believers to strengthen their faith muscles, take inspired actions and live a life that you have been dreaming about.
Enjoy the video!
My Ted X Talk



Sometimes you might find yourself in this plot of the ego,” Only if i had that degree..i can get that promotion,only if i had that much contacts,i can grow in my business,only if i looked this way, i can get that role….” and it’s an endless only if’s that stops you from getting what you want,from taking actions towards your dreams.

I know about this feeling very well…that feeling of not feeling enough.I have been dancing along this trick of my ego for many years and that’s why i thought of sharing my lessons with you.

Watch the video to hear what i have to say about this.



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We often here the Cliche'” Don’t Worry, Be happy.” As much as it is true, it can be equally frustrating to receive this advice at trying times. Being happy is the goal, and worry is your place at the moment, so how can you go from where you are to where you want to be, which is to be happy.

In this video, i share with you what i do when worry suddenly shows up as an uninvited guest.

Watch the video here


hiking into the unknown (1)
Staying Focused is the key to success and living happily ever after.. but the challenge is How to stay focused when distractions and disappointments fog your path…We all know the importance of staying FOCUSED… but sometimes its just so damn hard…the urge to just quit..the temptation to give up.. the distractions..the procrastinations… always hinder the path to personal success and achieving goals…In my latest and very simple and raw video..i share some of my simple ways to STAY FOCUSED.. Watch the Video here..


What to do when negative emotions show up suddenly and ruin your peace?


If you are like me who loves learning new things, especially personal development stuff, you will agree to me that it doesn’t matter how positive you are, you cannot escape sudden attack of negative emotions. It leaves you guilty and confused as you are always learning about positive mindset.There’s a flaw in this attitude. Watch the video to learn more about it.

What to do when negative emotions show up suddenly and ruin your peace?

How To Deal With Your Shy Nature?

How to deal with your shy nature?
I remember the time when i used to be a shy girl.I was very reserved and was never comfortable in a group conversation. I would be sitting quietly just with a smile all throughout. But one thing i started doing which helped me immensely in working on my shyness. Along with being shy, i am also observant by nature. I get intrigued by people who possess qualities that sometimes i don’t have. Having great conversation skills and public speaking skills were always in the top of my mind. I always knew it’s an area i want to work on myself.I was always inspired by people who possesses these qualities.Because i wasn’t born very extroverted in nature, i knew i have to work on it and find a way out.

Be less Judgemental

What i learned from some people who talks a lot is they don’t care much about the quality of their conversation. They are less judgemental and analytical about the intelligence of what they are saying.They don’t think much before saying something. They don’t hold back their thoughts or words with the fear of being judged. They say whatever is coming in their mind spontaneously.
If you are shy, it’s not that you don’t know what to talk. There will be thoughts coming to your mind…but you start judging yourself before someone else does it..

Your ego will be guiding you…”Ummm..may be what i have to say doesn’t make sense.”,”Oh, it might be annoying.” and things like that.
So you hold back and remain unnoticed in the group, waiting for the perfect words and things to come into mind.
When you stop judging every word of yours, you will be able to naturally start a conversation or just join in.

Get Curious-

There are so many people I know who can talk to anyone,no matter which field they come from.
They might have zero knowledge about it, but they will be happily engaged in a deep conversation with someone who is completely different from them.
Why is it so?
Because they are curious by nature. People who are great conversationalist are also curious about knowing something new. If they happen to come across a group from a different industry, they will be asking a lot of questions. One thing leads to other and there’s a healthy exchange of information going on.

If you find yourself in a group and have no idea what they are talking about, you can start by asking them questions and also informing them you are completely new to the subject of discussion and would love to know more about it.
Trust me people love sharing knowledge. So it will be much more fun and easier than you think when you let go of your guard.

How to Romance with your Fears?

In this workshop I guide you to have a better relationship with your fears. Fears and Desires co-exist. What dictates your actions is your point of focus. When you are focused on your fears, you don’t take actions and feel stucked. When you focus on your desires, you are inspired to take actions and move onward. Watch the video here to know how you can use your fears to get what you want. Click here
Romance With Your Fears
Romance with your fears (2)
Click Here-
Romance With Your Fears