Are You In love?


Well, this blog is not only for those of you, who have lately been thinking that you might have been bitten by a “love bug”. It is not only for those of you who have met someone“Special”. But love here refers to love on a broader perspective; irrespective of whether you are recently single, with a partner, divorced or married. I am referring here to “Self-Love”. You must be well aware of the importance of Self love by now, with zillions of self help books flocking the bookstores. You might very well feel resonated with what is written in them going by your own life experiences. I am pretty sure those books and information acts as a great motivator. You tend to quickly act on them by taking real good care of yourself. You work out, eat well, shop well, party good and are concentrated on your happiness. You also have a very good romantic relationship. All this is excellent, however it does not confirm self love in totality. These are only tools to enhance self love. To help you grow in self love.

Self love in its truest sense means having a heart full of compassion and forgiveness. You love yourself so much that you do not want to behold any feeling of negativity neither for yourself or for others. You are so deeply and madly in love with yourself that you are willing to forgive that guy who didn’t call you back, that partner who did not turn out the way you wanted, that partner who walked out of your relationship, that girlfriend who dumped you, your father, your mother, your family, your children, that friend who betrayed your trust, that tyrannous boss, that un-supportive colleague or whoever you think hurt you in some way; and primarily you forgive yourself for any past mistake, guilt or regret.

Quite often it is easy to forgive others but gets difficult to forgive yourself. Remember, when you learn from a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore; it becomes a learning experience. So love yourself anyway. Forgiveness is the only path to release inner blocks. Forgiveness empties negativity from within you and makes room for love and kindness. You can be in a relationship but not in love with yourself, if you have been holding angst against someone in the past or present. If you have closed your heart and being unwilling to forgive. On the contrary, you could be single but completely immersed in love when your heart is full of compassion and forgiveness. When you let go and let God. When you practice forgiveness, you fill yourself with love. You find completeness in yourself. You become love. As it goes, “Like attracts like”, so “Love attracts Love”. Life starts flowing naturally and you experience miracles all the time. Remember, only when you are truly and completely in love with yourself, you can expand that love outwards and can be in your highest capacity to love others!

So take a moment to ask yourself this question:

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