How to practice the art of appreciation?


We are often taught the importance of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude can be your biggest quality.However we are not taught enough the art of appreciation. They might sound the same but there’s a lot of difference. There’s a difference between the energy of gratitude and appreciation. Watch the video to know more about it here.
How to practice the art of appreciation?

How to deal with not Feeling Good Enough?


No matter who you are, what your background is, how much you have accomplished or not accomplished, everyone goes through this emotion, “I am not good enough.” Someone might come across as a very successful and confident person from outside, but what i know for sure is that everyone has this thought from time to time.
After coaching many people of all genders and age groups..i can say this for sure.

I also come across as a very confident and a strong lady for many people. But the truth is, whenever i am about to embark on a new venture… my inner demon will whisper promptly, “you are not good enough for this. You have this problem and that problem and that.It happens while i am writing a new blog, a book, speaking in front of an audience or just making a video.”

The mind naturally starts focusing on my flaws and how i am inadequate.
But what helps me deal with this self sabotage is by not buying that. Along with your inner demon you also have your inner power. I gently divert my focus to that voice that tells me..”Of course you can do that. If that person can, so can you.” and once i focus on one strength of mine and hold tight to it, it creates a flow of positive self statements…it makes me feel better and confident about myself and helps me accomplish the task and also successfully.

That’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Everyone gets the feeling of not being good enough,but the difference is the successful ones tries deliberately to focus on what they have, whereas the others get stuck on focusing on their flaws.

Another great way to overcome this feeling of not being good enough is by trusting in a power greater than yourself. When you believe that …”Yes by your own strength it is unlikely to accomplish that thing, but with the power that creates the universe you can accomplish anything.”

Try this,Just by saying and declaring this, you will feel a sense of relief and support and get an extraordinary power to create extraordinary things. free casinos game

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser?

Are you someone who desires to be liked by all, do you constantly run around with the fear of being a misfit, or fear of hurting others? I must confess that i have been a people pleaser all my life,until recently when i had this realization that it’s keeping me confused and i am most often not being real.If you also find yourself as one, then this video is just right for you.
Watch the video here…
How to stop being a People Pleaser?

What to do when things don’t go your way?


I know this feeling and I hate it and I know for sure you hate it too. You have come out with a plan, have started implementing it and now you are just getting hopeful. You are full of expectancy and BOOM! – life hands you a S#@T sandwich. Things don’t go your way and you have to take a detour. YIKESSSS!!!! Scary and frustrating?

You can’t change things out of control but you can definitely do something. THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!

Even if your plans and actions fail, and it seems like nothing is working out, trust, know and believe that there is always another way. At this moment you can’t see it, can’t figure it out because your vision has got messy as a result of this setback. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your breathing and tell yourself:- there is always another way. I might not understand it, might not see it right now but I know for sure there is another way.

What’s in it for me to learn?

Nothing is by chance or an accident – either good or bad. Nothing happens randomly. Consciously or sub consciously, we participate in whatever happens to us be it good or bad. It’s tough to accept that but being a student of the universal laws it’s a fact. Nothing happens outside of the law of cause and effect. If you see the effect, then it is your first step to find out the cause.

Ask yourself? “What’s in it for me to learn?” “How have I contributed to this outcome through my thoughts and actions?” When you start focusing on the lesson, you naturally snap out of the helpless and hopeless mentality? Why is it happening to me mentality? You take responsibility and set yourself on a powerful position. A state of mind from which you can analyse, think clearly and see the next right step.

Remember, that even when things don’t go your way, it’s also a part of the master plan, the bigger picture.

So stay in your game and keep moving with a BIG SMILE!

How to get started with your business idea?


You have an idea, a desire to start something on your own. But the problem is how to getstarted? You hate your job, can’t stand it any more, but you are still putting up with it because you are scared.How are you going to pay your bills? Or you don’t know how to get started with your idea? How to turn it into a business? You have confusions. It seems so daunting and a distant goal. You are overwhelmed but, you know and know it for sure, you have to start something on your own. Sounds familiar? Continue reading How to get started with your business idea?

Are You In love?


Well, this blog is not only for those of you, who have lately been thinking that you might have been bitten by a “love bug”. It is not only for those of you who have met someone“Special”. But love here refers to love on a broader perspective; irrespective of whether you are recently single, with a partner, divorced or married. Continue reading Are You In love?