Love what you do so that you can do what you love!


Purvi  Agarwal’s burning question: 

I am stuck with two career

options….CA/Painter..and can’t decide what is the thing I’ll be more happy doing in my future…please help me to make a decision.

Awesome question!I had terrific fun cracking this question because that is my passion;resolving inner conflicts.I hope you too will have as much fun as i did practicing the tools i am going to give and i hope in this process you will find an “A” to your “Q”. The bad news is-You are born at a time with umpteenth career choices;which is often mind boggling! The Good news is- You are born at a time where you can make a career out of anything.You are living in a magical time.Celebrate the fact!

Visualization :

Both are fantastic careers in its own way.You need to visualize yourself as being a C.A. and a painter;one at a time.When you get into that visualization mode,recognize how you feel.How do you feel being a C.A? List them down. How do you feel being a painter? List them down too.Which of the two roles do you fit in effortlessly?Check both your lists.Compare and you will find your answer.

It is never “One and only”:

I don’t agree that you can  decide at an early age what you would like to do your entire life.We are all spirits and we go through the process of change and evolution all the time.You will not be able to figure out what transformation you will go through.You are not even aware of all your potentials.It is okay to change careers anytime.You have to go for what feels right to do,at the present time.Take note: What FEELS right,not whatSEEMS right.

Have a service mentality:

We are born to serve.So make sure it is your core ground of making decision.You have a gift in you,which is unique and only you can give it to the world.It is wanted and needed.You are not just born.So ask yourself this key question, “Which way can i be of optimal service?” Let service mentality take over money mentality.If you want to paint, make sure you paint from the heart.Make sure you create art to inspire people.Moneywill follow.If you go for C.A., make sure you do it with your heart.You do it with your best interest, highest capacity and love.You make a difference in the lives of people around you. Happiness will infuse effortlessly.

Take the best of both:

At times,it is sensible to be : pragmatic, and it applies well when financial security is the key concern.It is pragmatic to choose a career that can support your financial wants at the time;nevertheless you don’t have to give up on your passion altogether.You can go ahead with a lucrative job and simultaneously work on your passion(Part time).It will allow you to cater your financial as well as spiritually requirements.You will be happy financially and emotionally.Eventually you will be able to let your passion take over your profession.